This is a living documentation built to illustrate all the elements available for the whole family of L’Illustré website.


Basically, you just need to include these two files in your products:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/static/main.min.css">
<script src="dist/static/js/build.min.js"></script>

The CSS depends on a couple of other assets (fonts, images…); you will find them in the dist/static folder once your project has been built (after running yarn && yarn build).

If you just want to integrate some specific components, and/or want a deeper understanding of how to use the current web interface, please have a look at the detailed Web UI documentation.

Design principles and conventions

The architecture of this project is based on the atomic web design principles.

CSS class names are prefixed based on these principles and also follow the BEM convention (in short, BEM stands for Block Element Modifier).


The code is available the GitLab repo.

This project (including the documentation you are currently browsing) has been built with Fractal, which should, by design, be flexible enough to be integrated into any environment.


Questions, suggestions? Feel free to mail superhuit